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Welcome To Rittners Floral School Online

At Rittners Floral School we are floral design experts. We specialize in teaching floral designing. Our school enjoys a long and proud multigenerational history. Long enough in existence to really know what we're doing. Yet dynamic and fresh in our approach.

We are a REAL floral design school, located in Boston and  licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not a flower shop running classes out of a back room or basement, a part time program in a retail or wholesale location or a designer running from one city to another to run temporary "schools." Our hands-on  programs are run in large, airy classrooms in a full time facility that actually is a school.

In other words, we are the real thing... An actual school of floral designing where teaching is our primary business. Folks from all over North America and abroad learn floral art from  our school, attracted by the excellence of our programs and by the outstanding reputation of our school in the teaching of floral art.

We pace our courses carefully so that students can learn and absorb the information. Our school is legendary for great teaching and we are known for strong backup and support.

By popular demand we are delighted to offer new and exciting online floral design learning options  in addition to our hands-on workshop programs..... We hope you enjoy them. 

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Welcome To Rittners Floral School Online

Different Kinds of Floral Education From Rittners: 

At Rittners Floral School in Boston, Ma. we have both online as well as in house programs in floral art....

Here are Some of the things we offer: 

Online Courses

Carefully curated groupings of video lessons that provide an easy way to learn floral art online. Video Courses are accompanied by  ePublication study guides that have content lists, notes and more! Reasonably Priced. Yes there is a Certificate option!

Online Individual  Floral Videos

You're not interested in a course. You want a video teaching a specific kind of floral design. We've got some great options for you with detailed information! Fun and very reasonably priced. 

Online -PDF Step-by-Step Recipe Publications

These are some of the best deals out there.  Small ePublications. These present step-by-step photos of floral art with written description and content. Almost like having one of our staff walk you through the designing step-by-step. Easy to download to your tablet or lap top for use as you design... Very reasonably priced.

Hands On Floral Art Courses At Our Facility in Boston..... 

This is an online store, but people just love coming to Boston to take our hands-on floral art diploma programs. We offer Day, Evening and Short Courses as well as specialized classes for the floral enthusiast. 
Click Here to go to our Full Floral School Web Site. 


At Rittners Floral School in Boston, we love teaching Floral Art... Here are some of our designs... You may find many more on our full school web site and also our Facebook page


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