Individual Step-by-Step Digital Recipe PDF ePublications

Classical Elegance Line Arrangement

Linear designs are vase arrangements featuring a wide range of geometric shapes. This “how-to-do-it” presents a cool interpretation of linear styles . Multiple possible ending points allow you to see how you can take one design idea and derive a number of impressive arrangements from it. This presentation gives great value and is one of our favorites! (34 pages)

The Easiest Way To Design In Water

Water based design is pretty and natural. But one of the biggest problems in designing in water is the issue of control,  & making your stems stay in place! This presentation will teach you a trick of the trade that will make your water based designs so easy that you won’t believe it! Five designs & some variations are presented. This e-publication gives incredible value. (35 pages)

Stacked Vase Arrangement

This vase arrangement  is the floral equivalent of condominiums. It is quite literally three designs that are assembled together to create one very impressive floral piece. It can be used for entertainment or very special occasions. Various options while creating this are explored. I am excited presenting this because it is a lesson that will have you thinking about your designing from a different perspective. Great value. (35 pages)

Easy Romantic Designs

Just about everyone loves romance. In this “how-to-do- it” we present two designs, one constructed in foam, the other in water media, for romance! These are crowd pleasers, the kinds of florals that most people love to receive. The use of foliage on the inside of glass based containers is explored. This is an important instruction! (28 pages)

Floral Designing Is Fun

There are many folks who have never designed with flowers and find the entire process intimidating and scary!! Believe it or not, creating floral art can be quite easy and fun....especially when taught by the experts of the Rittners Floral School team. Six floral designs ranging from elementary to more complex are broken down step by step for your comfort and enjoyment. Gain confidence playing with flowers. If you have never touched a flower in your life, or think that you just don’t have what it takes.....Think again....and buy this one! Great for folks with a little background as well. (32 pages)

Creating An Amazing Patriotic Arrangement

We created a lesson featuring this amazing arrangement for three  reasons. First of all it shows how we can easily incorporate patriotic themes into our floral art. Secondly we wanted to demonstrate  how you can develop wonderful florals in window box type containers. Finally this design features a free flowing look that feels like flowers growing wild in the garden.  It is big. It is impressive. With the teaching skill of the Rittners, this is an easy one to learn. Add this to your floral design repertoire. (27 pages)

Everyday Design 1

Everyday designs are arrangements that can be used just about anywhere. They can grace our tables as centerpieces. They can be used on a side table or a bureau. They may be featured for holidays or not. They are average sized and pleasant to enjoy as we go about our daily lives. These kinds of designs are commonly made by professional floral designers in large numbers. They are showy and quick and easy to stylize....quick and easy that is with the proper instruction from the Rittners Floral School Team! (23 pages)

Party Design Cranberry Centerpiece

Party floral art is where it’s at with this wonderful floral digital publication. We present instruction in two different floral techniques, designing under water in a cylinder, and foam design ring/wreath technique, to create two kinds of party designs that would work quite well for weddings, showers and special events. Outstanding instruction! (26 pages)

Contemporary Floral Fun With Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers bring very unique structural/architectural qualities to the design table...They can easily be used to create floral art with a futuristic look. In this “how-to-do-it” you will learn just how fun and easy it is to incorporate these wonderful flowers into your designing. Exotic floral materials are used to make a contemporary style, water based floral design, and a rather wild foam based unit.... Impress your friends. Wow your clients! Earn bragging rights! (33 pages)

Framing Technique in Floral Art

Framing is a very cool floral design technique in which we enclose or “frame” a section of an arrangement with floral product. It is contemporary, and easy to do. In this “how- to-do-it” we present two designs, one created in foam, the other in a water base, that teach how to use framing technique. Contents include ginger, heliconia, tulips, mini sunflower, carnations and lotus pods. The technique is easily adaptable to other materials. For the person who appreciates the new and different, this one is a must. (30 pages)

Incredible Basket Design

This basket arrangement is so pretty we even created a watercolor variation of the the final step in photoshop to hang on the wall of our home. The contents include, larkspur, liatris, spray roses, tulips, and eucalyptus. The look is understated but quite elegant. The arrangement is presented as a spring or Easter design, but can easily be adapted to any other time of the year. An alternative material selection chart is included to help you develop  variations for other holidays.... Sheer poetry in motion! (28 pages)

Inverse Proportion Design

You’re going to love this one! In most everyday floral arrangements the arrangement arises from a container and moves either upwards or to the sides.  In  Inverse  or Inverted Proportion Design it is just the opposite. The flowers  angle downwards away from the top of the design.  Learn an exciting futuristic look that is easy to achieve and fun to make! Seven variations on a single design make this new and exciting style easy to master! (40 pages)

Fun Vase Arrangements

This digital lesson presents two very easy and fun vase arrangements to help jump start your creative juices. The designs use moderate amounts of materials, yet give a great show!. Foam based designing. Great for hobbyist as well as professional. Buy this one......Now! (34 pages)

Incredible Reception Centerpiece

This lesson teaches how to create a vase arrangement with style and distinction. We call it an  "Incredible Reception Arrangement." Yes it is definitely one of those designs that  could easily be used for wedding receptions and special events. Just look at it! Roses, Hydrangea, waxflower and even some  hypericum berries creates an arrangement that definitely says "savoir faire" and elegance. Hard to create? Not at all with the great instruction from Rittners Floral School. (33 pages)

Quick And Easy Modular Arrangements

Seeking an interesting different look for your floral designing? This “how-to-do-it” provides a guide to an approach to floral art that feels quite different, is easy to achieve, & is also quite showy. Five variations on this approach are presented. We really think that you will enjoy this one! (44 pages)

PDF Step-by-Step Recipe ePublications

There are some folks who don't like to learn by video.

They don't mind video but think, " Wouldn't it be nice if I could simply see recipes of florals and then step-by-step pictures of how it was created along with clearly written detailed instruction?"

At Rittners we hear you!

We have a very special floral instructional resource for you!

They are digital magazines, not videos. 

These are some of the most unique floral instructional tools out there. They are small ePublications. Each one presents step-by-step photos of floral art with written description and content.

These are like having one of our staff standing there with you, and walking you through the designing step-by-step, using pictures and detailed descriptions.

No prior floral design background is needed for any of these. 

The nice thing about these is that you can download them to your tablet or lap top and use them as notes as you design...

Each is an individual pdf digital publication lesson that covers very specific themes. 

You would provide your own flowers, containers, and materials.

They are very reasonably priced at only $12.50 per title

Easy to buy. Simply go to our "Store." (See the menu at the top of this page.)

Individual Step-by-Step Digital Recipe Publications Currently Available:

Advantages of Step-by-Step Digital Recipe ePublications From Rittners Floral School:

Learn  from a real floral school with a repuation for excellent teaching
Learn as much or as little as you want
Read the e-publications or make the designs as you desire
Buy the flowers/materials from whoever you want
Learn at your own pace
Learn anytime... anywhere....
Learn whenever you feel like it... (Even at 2:00 AM! That's between you and your family!)
Safe... Convenient.
Relaxing and enjoyable....
Convenient notes that you can follow on your tablet/laptop while you design
Great Instruction. AMAZING Value!