Hi. I am your host,
Dr. Steve Rittner

I have carefully curated the instruction in these online lessons to provide you with a grouping of floral educational experiences that will enable you to learn floral designing in the easiest way possible.

Our Floral School attracts folks from all over North America as well as abroad because our teaching merges knowledge of education and teaching with great floral art skills. The same high standard of real teaching has been applied to these online experiences. 

I will be here every step of the way, presenting the information to you, in my unique way of teaching, which is direct, down to earth and easy to follow.

I am a third generation floral designer and literally grew up in the floral field. I have four university degrees including both a Master’s and Doctorate in Education. You will benefit from my background and experience....and the fact that I love teaching floral art.

Online Courses Currently Available:


An Introduction To Floral Designing

A Fun With Flowers
Certificate Course

This is an amazing and wonderful course. I teach it personally. It is meant to reduce stress and to inspire you, I want you to enjoy this one and have a great time as we  explore various kinds of arrangements and floral techniques.

This unique floral experience consists of seven modules teaching you step-by-step how to make nine vase arrangements. No prior experience is needed. And I am here (online) helping and guiding you as well as personally (by email/phone) giving you practical, positive feedback and suggestions about your designing results.

You will learn how to create a table centerpiece, design in water, a couple of geometrical designs, a parallel design based on garden growth, some designing in informal containers and the very popular informal "farm to table" look.

The program is set up to allow lots of flexibility in flowers & materials. It is a certificate course.

All of this for only $325. 

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Any questions, please feel free to phone us at 617-267-3824

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Advantages of An Online Course From Rittners Floral School:

Certificate Program
Learn  from a real floral school with a repuation for excellent teaching
Personalized feedback 
Learn at your own pace
Learn anytime... anywhere....
Learn whenever you feel like it... (Even at 2:00 AM! That's between you and your family!)
Safe... Convenient....
Relaxing and enjoyable....
Different learning options for different tastes
Priced reasonably
Amaze your family and friends!