Individual Videos Available From Rittners Floral School 

Designing With Wire Base in Water

The contemporary floral designer has to be able to design both in foam and non foam media (water). It can be challenging to design in water yet still have control over where your flowers go. In this lesson we are going to show you one way that you can design in water that is easy on the hands and gives wonderful results. I hope you enjoy this exciting lesson as much as I did in presenting it. (15:27)

Horizontal Arrangement

The horizontal vase arrangement is a line or linear arrangement that is widely used as a table decoration. These designs are meant to be viewed on all sides and work well for dinner parties. They can be adapted to just about any holiday during the year. They look complicated but are really easy to create. I hope you enjoy this detailed step-by-step instruction (18:53)

Fall Table Arrangement

This step-by-step lesson shows how you can take a wide range of different flowers and put them together into something spectacular. While it is geared for the fall the designing skills taught in this lesson can be used at any time through the year. If you've ever been puzzled about how to take a lot of miscellaneous flowers and make them work together, this lesson may help! (18:41)

Owl of Flowers

Novelty floral art are what we call the "crowd pleasers" of floral designing. These are the arrangements that usually get a big smile. We thought you'd enjoy this novelty of an owl made out of flowers. This unique design can be used for many purposes, for Halloween, for graduations, or to celebrate any intellectual achievement. They are impressive and fun to make! (16:11)

Quick and Easy Topiaries

The topiary design is a round shaped arrangement. It is placed on a dowel/rod extending vertically from a base. Topiaries can be tricky to create. In this lesson we are going to teach you some tricks of the trade that will enable you to more easily create topiary-type designs. True to the Rittner formula of "quick, easy and fun," you will find these tricks will make this kind of arrangement really fun. (15:03)

Round Arrangement

This is a very neat video. In this step-by-step floral design lesson you are going to learn how to create a table centerpiece that is round in shape. It is gorgeous and it definitely will get the attention of family and friends. You will learn how the addition of  several special ingredients made this design more contemporary in feeling. This kind of arrangement can be used to grace your table for a lovely dining experience or could easily be adapted as a table centerpiece for weddings and other events. (24:08)

Large Mass/Oval Type Design

The mass/oval vase arrangement is one that you definitely want to know how to create. It is big. It is showy. It is the kind of arrangement that can work well in a hotel opposite an elevator. It can look quite nice in bay window or in a reception area. These designs tend to be very visually complex and use a variety of materials. Many people consider them an "advanced" floral piece. The reality is that with our unique way of teaching, you will find them quick, easy and fun regardless of your prior floral art background!! (16:23)

Grouping Technique in Floral Art

In this video I will teach you two examples of grouping technique. The arrangements made are large and showy! Grouping technique can be done with any combination of flowers. It can be used in everyday designing or with florals for very specific seasons. Best of all it is a very easy way to go about making a floral piece. You will be amazed at how the information in this video will give you very potent designing tools that are quite easy to apply. This one is a must see! (19:37)

Barbecue Novelty Arrangement

This is a fun one. A container placed on a small (unused) grill forms the platform for this July 4th/summer novelty flower arrangement. The overall design results are large in size but the actual quantity of flowers used in this arrangement is modest. The combination of stuffed animal, unusual base and use of color all contribute to a unique arrangement. Enjoy! (11:36)

Two Lovely Table Centerpieces in Footed Pedestals

In this lesson you are going to learn how to create several lovely  table centerpieces in footed pedestal containers. These arrangements are very versatile. They can be used on your dining room table. But they work well on a mantel or a side board. This one will impress your family and friends. (22:20)

How To Make A Vegetative Vase Arrangement

Vegetative style flower arranging is a style that is inspired by natural growth. The concept is that we are taking cues from a little section of our garden, or perhaps a park or other natural area, and recreating something similar in our home or working environment. It is a lovely look. While many people don't always know what this style is, when they see it,  they seem drawn to it. I think you'll really enjoy this step-by-step presentation. (19:02)

Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas is the one time of year when everyone wants to be a floral designer. And why not? Family and friends are coming in to visit. We all want the house to look great. Floral art can certainly help you achieve the look you want to welcome your guests. In this no nonsense step-by-step video Dr. Steve will show you how to create a Christmas Centerpiece that will impress family and friends. "Quick Easy and Fun. The Rittners Floral School Way." Enjoy! (20:11)

Individual Video Classes

You want to take a class or two, or perhaps more. Not a diploma or certificate course. You want something  of short duration about a particular subject. 

At Rittners we hear you!
These are individual classes that cover very specific themes. 

These are videos.
They provide detailed instruction.
No prior background is needed.
Just view them, or view them and design.
It's up to you.
You would provide your own flowers, containers, and materials. This gives you the freedom to choose your own flower/material sources, and saves you money.   It also enables us to make these classes available to you at very modest price.

The cost of each video is only $25.00
(Please buy many of these. Our dog eats lots of food. This helps.)

Easy to buy. Simply go to our "Store." (See the menu at the top of this page.)

Individual Video Classes Currently Available:

Advantages of Individual Videos From Rittners Floral School:

Learn  from a real floral school with a repuation for excellent teaching
Learn as much or as little as you want
View the videos or make the designs as you desire
Buy the flowers/materials from whoever you want
Learn at your own pace
Learn anytime... anywhere....
Learn whenever you feel like it... (Even at 2:00 AM! That's between you and your family!)
Safe... Convenient......
Relaxing and enjoyable....
Priced reasonably